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Fabricante Keckeisen
Tipo Accesorios de cargador de batería
Accesorios de aplicación Universal
Color Negro
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intAct Battery Guard

With the patented intAct Battery-Guard and the free Apple or Android app, you are now able to quickly and easily control the charge status of your battery. The transmitter to be attached to the battery can be used for 6 V, 12 V and 24 V batteries. The range is about 6 meters. By means of the app, the voltage of up to 5 batteries can be controlled, of course, must be installed on each battery intAct Battery Guard. This small device, which is attached by means of adhesive strips, there is no more discharged battery - you will always be informed about whether you need to recharge your battery or not and above all, you will know when it is worthwhile to buy a new battery.

This Intact Battery-Guard is not only the optimal invention for every battery dealer - but also for every user of batteries - no matter if camper battery, solar battery or car battery. You can always (as soon as you are in the vicinity) recognize the state of charge of your battery and know immediately whether your battery needs a recharge or not. No more unnecessary "surprises", no device, whether it is due to the battery or not. Finally, you know exactly whether you need to maintain your battery better thanks to the Intact Battery Guard or not!


  • Simply connectable to the vehicle battery via fork cable lugs, you can stay connected all the time
  • Suitable for 6, 12 and 24 V batteries
  • Very low own power consumption, only 2 mW power consumption, reverse polarity protected
  • Free smartphone app
  • Suitable for smartphones with Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy and Android from version 4.3 or iPhone from 4S
  • With one app up to 5 batteries are controllable
  • App with status display, numeric voltage display and loading request
  • Query distance up to 6 m

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