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Fabricante GIVI
ID Fabricante V37NT
Tipo Conjunto de maletas de plástico
Tipo de carga La tapa se abre lateralmente
Volumen de maleta individual 37 Litros
Volumen total máximo 74 Litros
Velocidades recomendadas 130 km/h
Carga máxima de cada portaobjetos 10kg
Max. Zuladung insgesamt 20kg
Maletas laterales y alforjas se pueden montar en el siguiente sistema de soportes Soporte PLX / PLXR GIVI
Caracterísitcas Bolsos interiores disponibles por separado, Llave única, Mango ergonómico
Cerradura cilíndrica Disponible en la entrega
Color Negro
Entrega incluye 1 Par
Información adicional with transparent reflectors | max. Payload 10 kg | not compatible with PLX351, PLX347, PLX360, PLX1109
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GIVI Monokey SIDE case set V37NT

The V37 case, an evolution of the famous V35, is GIVI's latest model

If you are looking for an accessory for your bike, always ask yourself if it fits the aesthetics of your bike or not. Givi Motorcycle Accessories has always been the solution, and in fact, like all the accessories of the house, the new V37 motorcycle case has been designed down to the smallest detail, creating a compact yet elegant style without neglecting functionality.

The new motorcycle side case has an innovative design and a distinctive look. The central area is characterized by an insert reminiscent of an arrow and in silver or undquot; Carbonundquot; Versions is available. This aerodynamically appealing element distinguishes the Givi brand accessory from all others in circulation!
From a technical point of view, the upper mounting of the V37 has a very robust structure, as shown by numerous tests. The capacity of 37 liters with a maximum weight of 10 kg, allows you to accommodate a modular helmet. In addition, the ergonomic line of the V37 also has an advantage for the pillion, which thanks to the small footprint of the suitcase can position the legs more comfortably.

Particular attention is paid to safety, because the Givi case is equipped with a security lock with key. Here it is possible to produce a same closure with up to 3 other suitcases from our range.

Finally, the 4-point MONOKEY SIDE mounting system is designed to be compatible with all GIVI PLX and PLXR mounting systems. The V37 motorcycle side cases, which are sold as a pair, are thus your new, ideal partner for your trip with your motorcycle!


  • New fastening system Monokey Side
  • Reduction of the side clearance due to the angle of inclination of the bracket and the use of a new shape of the case bottom.
  • A secure hold on the chassis is guaranteed and thus a significant improvement in aerodynamics.
  • The fastening system is opened or closed as before with one and the same key.
  • This simple operation is also supplemented by the proven pushbutton.
  • Fits only the PLX ... or PLXR ... carrier of GIVI

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